Tipsy Hoe (pitty_sorrow) wrote in randomnessage,
Tipsy Hoe

Trying to sell some Jewlery

I make jewlery for all my friends in my spare time. I've decided on expanding and selling all my jewlery online. This of course costs a lot of time and money. So to make the money, I am going to try to sell some of my jewlry on here. Right now I have aroma bottle necklaces which are really kewl because you can put just about anything in them. They are glass bottles with decorations on them and they hang on a string. The ones I am selling right now have blue star crystal beads hung aroung the bottle. Dangling off the front are an amethyst tear drop and a silver frog sitting on the moon. Each necklace costs $15 plus shipping and handeling. Here are a few pics.

If anyone is at all interested, please either leave a comment or email me at
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